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Case Legal provides services for legal professionals such as attorneys, private investigators, law enforcement agencies, bail bondsmen, and more. Case Legal is an online case retrieval and monitoring service, which is linked to different government agencies. Case Legal will help your legal profession by providing you the necessary information you need for your daily business operations. Our services are listed below.

Case SearchCase Search

Criminal Record Searches from all 50 states. Nationwide Criminal Reports. Online Acess to Criminal Records for court documentation and easy online document management.

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Case AlertCase Alert

Daily Case Monitoring keeps you informed of your clients cases so you can easily manage your case load. We make case management easy and affordable.

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Case DriverCase Driver

Case Driver provides access to driving records or motor vehicle reports (MVR) from all 50 states. Simple Online Access. Manage your client billing online.

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Case MailCase Mail

Case Mail is a marketing service for legal professionals. Attorneys and Health Counselors benefit from this service, as it brings new clients to their doorstep everyday.

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Case Green ScreenCase Green Screen

NC mainframe instant access in real time. For each login session you create, a report is stored automatically and your screen usage is displayed.

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