Case PublicCase Public

In today’s world, in never hurts to know. Be sure the people you and your family are in contact with are trustworthy, especially if they are coming into your home. Case Public let’s you make certain you are not jeopardizing yourself or loved ones. Perform a criminal background check using our instant system to ease your mind and possibly avoid a theft, lawsuit or personal injury. Case Alert is available to make sure you know when someone is charged with a crime.

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Case CorporateCase Corporate

Employee screening is essential for businesses today. Case Corporate provides Background Checks for the purpose of screening prospective and current employees or tenants. Case Search allows users to instantly search criminal records. Case Alert keeps you informed of any current criminal activity. Case Driver let’s you perform driving record searches. Businesses can keep a peace of mind by using the services of Case Corporate from the beginning of the hire to daily criminal activity monitoring.

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